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Plays & Concerts at Ingatestone Hall

The picture shows the Rotary Club's annual Picnic Jazz Concert in aid of local charities that has regularly taken place at Ingatestone Hall for more than ten years.  Such events, which are located in the main garden against the backdrop of the house, can comfortably accommodate audiences of up to 1,000 or so.  Other regular presentations at Ingatestone Hall include Shakespeare in the Courtyard for audiences of up to 300 and plays, concerts, recitals and lectures in the Stone Hall, Summer Parlour or Gallery for audiences of up to 100.  A particularly popular format for charity fundraisers etc.  is a concert or recital in the Stone Hall followed by a buffet meal in the Summer Parlour.

See the Plans and Maps of the house and grounds and Spaces available for a description. 

Please contact us via telephone, e-mail or fax with your proposals, or please Contact Ingatestone Hall using our online form.

We are happy to consider a variety of financial arrangements to suit your needs e.g.  fixed fee or box office sharing.

The Hall is licensed for plays and live music for audiences of up to 1000 but occasional licences are readily available for larger events.

  • The Meadow Car Park holds 400 cars but additional parking space is available if required.
  • Audience seating for up to 250 readily available.
  • Transportable P.A.  System (150W per channel) available.
  • We can usually provide advance booking facilities for all but the largest events.

For a personal quotation of the charge for your chosen format, please Contact Ingatestone hall