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Conditions of Hire

1) The Terms of the hire shall be in accordance with the Contract signed by the Hirers and on behalf of Ingatestone Hall and the rights of the Hirers as to time, areas accessible or facilities provided shall not extend beyond those therein stated unless agreed to in writing.

2) It shall be the responsibility of the Hirers to agree with Ingatestone Hall the layout of any of the spaces hired and any furniture or equipment provided there and also the timetable for preparation and setting-up prior to and clearing up after the event.

3) At least one month prior to the event the Hirers and/or their representatives shall hold an on-site meeting with the designated representative of Ingatestone Hall to establish:

  • The detailed programme of the event
  • The names and contact details of any contractors or service providers that the Hirers will be bringing onto the site
  • Any other administrative details concerning the event that Ingatestone Hall may reasonably require.

Any subsequent changes to information provided at this meeting must be notified to Ingatestone Hall prior to the event.

4) In accordance with our licence:

  • Alcohol may be served but may not be offered for sale.
  • No alcohol may be served to persons under the age of 18.
  • The performance of music is permitted between the hours of 1 p.m.  and midnight.
  • All passageways and doors especially those designated as fire exits must be keep unobstructed at all times.

5) Smoking is not permitted in any building.

6) The Hirers agree to recompense Ingatestone Hall for any damage to the house, its contents or grounds arising from the negligence or malicious intent of themselves, their guests or their contractors or staff.

7) Hirers may bring on to the premises any decorations, equipment or vehicles provided that:

  • The Hirers shall inform Ingatestone Hall at the time of booking of the nature of any such decorations, equipment or vehicles with particular regard to Hazardous activities (e.g.  fireworks) AND Dimensions and location of any tent or marquee to be erected. 
  • The Hirers agree to indemnify Ingatestone Hall for any loss, injury or damage arising from the use of such items.
  • The Hirers must obtain prior consent before moving or disturbing any of the fabric, fixtures, fittings or plants on the premises in order to accommodate such items.
  • In the absence of agreement to the contrary, nothing (including tents, marquees etc.) may be attached to the premises by means of stakes, pins, nails, screws or adhesives.
  • In the absence of agreement to the contrary, vehicles must keep to the surfaced tracks and paths at all times and be parked only in the designated places.
  • If the aggregate power requirement of any electrical equipment that the Hirers wish to bring on to the premises exceeds 3 kW, the Hirers undertake to so notify Ingatestone Hall prior to the event and to adhere to any stipulations made for the safe supply of such power.
  • The output of any amplification equipment used is limited to 200 watts.

8) Ingatestone Hall accepts no liability for any claim arising from the negligence of the hirers, their caterers or other contractors nor for the loss of or damage to any property or possessions brought to or left on the premises nor for any injury or accident suffered by the hirers or their guests.

9) In accordance with the terms of our licence.  Ingatestone Hall retains the right for a member or members of its staff to be in attendance throughout the period of hire and such staff shall be authorised to take appropriate action in the event of any disorder or breach of the law (which action may include termination of the event and/or summoning police assistance.
BUT the hirers remain fully responsible for their guests and are required.

  • To ensure that good order is maintained for the duration of the hiring and that their guests and contractors have due regard for the safety of the building, contents and other guests. 
  • To indemnify Ingatestone Hall against any damage to or theft from the premises or contents. 
  • To ensure that any guests under the age of 14 are supervised by an adult at all times and not allowed to wander beyond the hired area. 
  • To follow the instructions of Ingatestone Hall staff in the event of any emergency e.g.  fire.

10) Ingatestone Hall reserves the right to cancel any event where unforeseen circumstances beyond its control make it impossible to proceed (e.g.  destruction of the premises by fire) and has no liability for any cost, damage or inconvenience suffered by the Hirers or others as a consequence of such cancellation.

11) Photographs are not permitted inside the building except by prior agreement.

12) The Hirers warrant that they have all required permissions to use any music, readings or other copyright material performed during their event and will be responsible for the payment of any royalties due.

13) The Hirers warrant that the premises shall not be used for any illegal or immoral purpose and undertakes to notify Ingatestone Hall in advance of any activity which carries a risk of damage or injury to persons or property ( e.g.  use of fire, flame or explosive, fairground rides.  dangerous animals etc.) and to abide by any precautions stipulated in that respect.

14) Unaccompanied children are not admitted.

15) The Hirers warrant that any caterers or other contractors used by them are suitably qualified and fully conversant with health and safety requirements and that any work carried out by such contractors is in full compliance with approved Health and Safety practice.  The Hirers shall provide to Ingatestone Hall at least one month before the event the names and contact details of any such contractors.

16) In no circumstances shall the Hirers distribute or fly-post any advertising material pertaining to the event illegally in contravention of the Town & Country Planning Control of Advertisements Regulations, the Highways Act or otherwise and shall use their best endeavours to prevent others from doing so.